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Crystal Candy (Bubble Tea Inspired) 5 PCS & Cup (LIMITED EDITION)

Crystal Candy (Bubble Tea Inspired) 5 PCS & Cup (LIMITED EDITION)

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Reusable Bubble Tea Cup
Want It Sour? Add Citric Powder (Optional)

Introducing Our Bubble Tea Inspired Crystal Candy with Reusable Cups & Tumblers!

The collaboration you never knew you needed is finally here and live! Dive into the delicious world of bubble tea inspired crystal candy paired perfectly with our reusable bubble tea cups and glass tumblers. 💖

What is Crystal Candy?

Imagine a sweet, squishy jelly with a crunchy exterior. That's crystal candy! Also known as Kohakutou, this Japanese candy is made from agar agar. It starts off as a jelly, then is left to air dry, slowly crystallizing on the outside for a delightful texture and taste. It's vegan, halal and gluten free. Yum! 😋


Agar agar, water, sugar, Lorann oil flavouring, gel colour. 

Limited Edition Flavours

Ever since crystal candy went viral on TikTok, we've been working hard with our friends at Bak'd to create a line of limited edition crystal candy flavors that are just as yummy as our DIY bubble tea kits. And we think we've nailed it! Enjoy our bubble tea-inspired crystal candy in our top-selling flavours:

🍓 Strawberry

🍑 Peach

🥭 Mango

❤️ Lychee

🍇 Grape

Mixed pack has one of each flavour.

Want it sour? We've got you covered! Just add a citric acid tub when ordering and sprinkle to your heart's content for a super tangy twist!

Reusable Bubble Tea Cups & Glass Tumblers

Now you can purchase these yummy flavors with our reusable bubble tea cups and glass tumblers, giving you more bang for your buck! These plastic and glass cups are perfect for your next bubble tea fix, daily water intake, and so much more. Plus, they're leak-proof and double as protection for your crystal candy goodies.

Each cup comes with a removable lid, reusable bubble tea straw, and straw cleaner, making them easy to clean and maintain. Choose between our stylish Rose Gold plastic cup or our elegant Berry Blue glass tumbler!

Indulge in the unique blend of sweet and crunchy crystal candy and enjoy it on-the-go with our stylish and functional reusable cups. Order now and experience the magic of bubble tea-inspired treats!

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