About Us

Hi, thanks for visiting our store! Let's be friends so here's a bit about us.


We bring DIY bubble tea kits to the homes of over 30,000 bubble tea lovers so they can make their perfect cup of bubble tea. All while helping them love our earth a little better with our reusable bubble tea cup


Our founder aka Chief Boba Officer (CBO) aka packing queen (see our TikTok) is Serene. She wears many hats and leads a team of 4 awesome peeps, consisting of customer service, marketing and warehousing. Wanna know more about us and see what we get up to behind the scenes? Follow us on social media!


We are based in Melbourne, Australia and are now delivering DIY bubble tea kits all over Australia, United States, New Zealand and Canada. Since we launched over a year ago, we’ve saved over 100,000 plastic cups from entering landfills and oceans and we couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you for all that you’re doing to love our earth.



Cup 49 launched in 2019 after it was discovered that 48 bubble teas on average are churned out in an hour from just one bubble tea store in Melbourne. That’s 48 plastic cups, 48 plastic straws, 48 plastic lids and 48 plastic bags! This would mean a staggering 384 plastic cups, straws, lids and bags that end up in our oceans and landfill everyday, from just 1 store.

We decided on the name Cup 49 in hopes that our cup will be the 49th and forever reusable bubble tea cup.



We built a community of bubble tea lovers that were impacted when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We were in lockdown and couldn't get our bubble tea fix without breaking the bank. I remember uber-ing a single bubble tea and paying $15.49 for it 😱! *kisses money goodbye
I thought there must be a way for all of us to make bubble tea in the comfort of home so did some research and contacted people that I've worked with in the past (I used to work in the food industry).
We were on a mission to find a way to make delicious bubble tea that can be customised to your preferences and delivered to your doorstep without costing a bomb.
Weeks of taste testing, price negotiations and designing passed and we launched our very first matcha milk tea kit in November of 2019. Since then, our product line has expanded to over 1000 flavour combinations!



Our mission from the get go was to inspire our bubble tea community to love our earth - one person, one cup at a time. How? By making reusable bubble tea cups available to everyone.

Since then, we've expanded and brought in DIY bubble tea kits from Taiwan to make it easy for you to make premium quality bubble tea in the comfort of your own home. 



 Serene- Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls.

Charis- Passionfruit Blue Tea with Lychee Jelly and Pearls
Josh- Matcha Milk Tea with Pearls